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Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States serving from 1861 until his assassination by James Booth in 1865. He led the nation through its greatest crisis, the Civil War, and today we cherish him as one the greatest presidents the country has ever had. Most of his tenure as president was not so noble. He was attacked and criticized constantly, suffered much self-doubt, and never enjoyed the great reverence we hold for him today.

The Lincoln Secret involves two events in Abraham Lincoln's life: his birth and his death. Most notably, The Lincoln Secret is a modern day mystery adventure centered around a little known controversy about Abe's birth. There has long been an alternative history version of Lincoln's origin that has him being the bastard child of Nancy Hanks, a product of her affair with the master of a household in western North Carolina, Abraham Enloe. If true, then it might also be true that even his believed birthdate, February 12, 1809 is incorrect.

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